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It is important to clean your wash room or bathroom on a regular basis, In order to create a pleasant & hygienic wash room environment for your staff, but this isn’t enough to eradicate the harmful bacteria that can build up over time. ICS offer a specialist service for deep washroom cleaning to provide a hygienic environment by removing the grime and dirt using our specialist cleaning equipment, fluids and sanitiser. Our dedicated staff will ensure all blockages are cleared with professional chemicals and everything will be deeply cleaned to return your facilities to their original working order and prolong their lives.

We clean the following:-

ICS can offer regular or weekly wash room cleaning with industry approved chemicals to maintain a high standard of wash room cleanliness. Our specialist team can work to tight schedules, strict specifications and are responsive to your needs so that you can provide your employees and visitors with clean, hygienic washrooms. We also supply washroom essentials like hand towels, hand sanitiser and toilet roll as well as other miscellaneous supplies.