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When we say Green cleaning we really mean it.

ICS owner who having worked for some of the large cleaning contractors, became disillusioned and decided he could provide a much better and more cost effective cleaning service to clients whilst treating cleaners better and introducing eco-green cleaning methods as well as saving money to customers by cutting down on all waste and unnecessary packaging.
It is shocking how much damage we are doing while we clean, to your own health, to your family and ultimately to the environment, to our loved planet.

To achieve better, quicker and long-lasting results most of the modern detergents include highly aggressive components, inflicting serious ecological damage.

We use 100% natural and ecologically cleaning products. Many of us worry that switching to environmentally friendly chemical or non-chemical methods of cleaning will reduce the quality of hygiene. We can demonstrate that there are simple, inexpensive and effective ways to sustain a hygienic and sparkly clean home or office, without costing the planet.